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Endorsement by former Premier Bill Vander Zalm

Why use Dutch eAuction?

Free for Buyers

Create an account and bid freely on any vehicle listing from any dealer. You only pay when you're a winner!

Easy for Sellers

Enter basic vehicle information and we automate the majority of the listing process for you. It's that easy.

Convenient and Fun

Find the vehicle you want, set your bid and get on with your day. Our platform takes care of the rest.


RB Equipment Auction

RB Equipment Auction (simulation)

Dutch eAuction is now running regular heavy equipment auctions. Browse our selection of equipment from locations throughout British Columbia. The general public may also list equipment items.

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BC Lower Mainland Auction

BC Lower Mainland Auction

Dutch eAuction is now running regular vehicle auctions for the BC Lower Mainland. Browse our selection of vehicles from dealers throughout the lower mainland. The general public may also list vehicles.

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Participating Dealers and Auto Groups

Take advantage of low listing costs and get your used vehicles in front of thousands of qualified buyers. We help auto malls, auto groups and independent dealers throughout the BC Lower Mainland move inventory!

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A few frequently asked questions.

Answer not here? Email us.

What can I buy or sell with Dutch e-Auction?

Currently, Dutch e-Auction provides a secure and easy-to-use interface for negotiating motor vehicle purchases. purchase of moter vehicles only. Contact us if you would like to buy or sell something else.

How often are auctions held?

We will hold auctions every Friday. If your vehicle doesn't sell the week that you post it, you can re-enter it for next week's auction. If you didn't get the vehicle you wanted this week, you can try again next week.

What makes a Dutch e-Auction so different?

Instead of bids going from the bottom-up, we utilize a top-down approach. Sellers set a visible asking price and a secret reserve price. When the auction starts, the item's price drops at pre-set increments until it meets the highest secret bid posted or the reserve price.

What is Smartsettle?

Our e-Auction service is an implementation of the Smartsettle process for auctions with multiple buyers and sellers. Using a visual blind bidding process, Smartsettle virtually eliminates the tedious dance that characterizes ordinary negotiations.